Our Anthem

Our Anthem

Both work and play are better with good music, and we're thrilled that local band Wild Hands allowed us to use their song 'River' as our anthem. Part of our mission includes restoring our lost river culture, and that culture won't go very far without support from the arts. Have a listen below

Welcome to The Clean Up Game!

We're taking clean-ups to a new level, and you don't have to wait for an event to do a good deed and maybe even get a reward!

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Restore,  Renew,  Recapture

Restore Habitat

Minot's now-dead loops are an embarrassment. But underneath the silt and duck weed are the last remnants of a natural river.

Restore Habitat
Renew our River Culture

Let's start to think of the river as a place that shapes our weekend plans for activities like fishing, swimming, canoeing, and skating in the winter.

Renew our River Culture
Recapture Value

What's the difference between riverfront and flood prone? Property value. With a renewed river culture, we can recapture the value of living in the valley.

Recapture Value

The Team

We're just the first people who volunteered to put our names on the website. To be successful, we're going to need you to join the effort!

Shannon Straight

Mr. Straight is the owner-operator of Straight Concessions LLC, a locally owned business with a...

Joe & Heidi Super

Few have a history of river advocacy in Minot as long as Joe and Heidi...

Ethan Gefroh

Ethan Gefroh,a Minot native, grew up with an appreciation for the outdoors, which lead him...

Duanne Brekke

Mr. Brekke has lived in Minot since 1958 and is the founder of ‘The Dead...

Josh Wolsky

Mr. Wolsky is the publisher, editor, and developer for The Minot Voice.com, and he makes...

Brady Randall

Brady Randall lives along the Souris and grew up in rural Minot. He is a...

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