Recapture Value

What’s the difference between riverfront and flood prone? It’s property value. Minot’s a flood town, there’s no escaping that past, but with a renewed river culture, we can recapture the value of living in the valley.

Minot’s first priority must be flood protection, but it’s equally important for the many thousands of homes in the valley that there’s an upside to accepting some risk. Added value that comes with waterfront living is good for those recovering¬†from the flood, it’s good for homeowners facing rising flood insurance costs, it’s good for the city because it would raise our taxable valuations, and it’s good for our community because it would add to our quality of life.

What’s the economic impact of having a vibrant river culture? Take look around the state at Grand Forks and Bismarck, or look further to river towns like Saskatoon, Sioux Falls, and San Antonio. If it’s developed as a resource that improves our quality of life, the Souris River will deliver our investment back to us.

We need to acknowledge we're a flood town, but we don't have to live in persistent fear of the river.
We need to acknowledge we’re a flood town, but we don’t have to live in persistent fear of the river.